2024 AI Strategy Accelerator:

BOGOTA  Executive Edition

Exclusive 3-Day Exploration of Digital Transformation with AI

November 27, 28, and 29, Centro District, Bogota

This event will be presented in English


Accelerate Your 2024 Digital Transformation Journey: A 3-Day Executive Masterclass

As we approach 2024, the wave of Digital Transformation is sweeping across industries globally, and Colombia is at the heart of this digital evolution. With the nation-wide initiative to embrace digital channels, technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the linchpins in shaping the business landscape to be more competitive, efficient, and innovative.

The "2024 AI Strategy Accelerator: Bogota Executive Edition" is your gateway to:

  1. Understanding the Landscape: Dive deep into Colombia's digital momentum, the government-driven digital transformation strategy, and how Bogota is positioning itself as a hub of innovation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4RI).

  2. Navigating Ethical Considerations: Explore the ethical framework surrounding AI and technology adoption in Colombia, and how your organization can align with these ethical guidelines while harnessing the power of AI.

  3. Bridging the Talent Gap: Uncover strategies to close the human capital gap in tech adoption, ensuring your organization is ready to meet the demands brought about by AI and other emerging technologies.

  4. Mastering AI for Growth: Transition from insights to application with hands-on sessions across three focus areas - Sales, Marketing, and Administration - to harness AI’s potential for significant revenue growth, stakeholder engagement, and operational efficiency.

  5. Exclusive Mastermind Dinner: Engage in insightful discussions with peers and experts, sharing experiences and strategies to drive digital transformation effectively within your organization.

General Schedule for Each Day

Mastering AI-Powered Digital Transformation

Dive into the heart of AI-driven innovation and digital transformation with this thought-provoking series. Each day is dedicated to unlocking new levels of operational excellence, strategic foresight, and competitive edge through the power of AI. From CEO-centric sales strategies to COO-focused operational efficiencies, and culminating in a Mastermind session, this event is a catalyst for transformative leadership in the digital era. Engage with bespoke content tailored to enhance your decision-making, streamline your business processes, and empower your organization with cutting-edge AI insights for the transformative year of 2024

  • 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM: Registration and Networking
    • Attendees arrive, register, and engage in initial networking. Light breakfast and coffee served.
  • 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM: Opening Remarks and Keynote Introduction
    • Welcome speech, event overview, and introduction to the keynote topic.
  • 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM: Keynote Presentation: The Foundations of ChatGPT and LLMs
    • Deep dive into what ChatGPT, LLMs are, their current and potential applications, and ethical considerations.
  • 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM: Coffee Break and Networking
    • Attendees can discuss the keynote, refresh, and network.
  • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM: Exploring AI: API Access, Data Security, and Privacy
    • Detailed session on how to access and use AI through APIs, ensuring data security and privacy.
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM: Lunch Break
    • A chance for attendees to network over lunch, discuss morning sessions, and recharge.
  • 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM: Panel Discussion: Ethical Use and Employee Adoption
    • A panel of experts discuss the ethical use of AI, strategies for employee adoption, and the dangers of releasing AI technologies without proper oversight.
  • 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM: Afternoon Break and Networking
    • Another opportunity for attendees to network and discuss the day's content so far.
  • 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM: Business Benefits: AI Adoption in Various Business Aspects
    • A session focused on the tangible benefits of AI adoption, tailored to the day’s specific audience (Sales, Marketing, Administration).
  • 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM: Closing Remarks and Q&A
    • Summarization of the day's key points, open floor for questions, and setting up expectations for follow-up events or consultations.
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM: Evening Networking and Cocktail Hour
    • A relaxed setting for attendees to mingle, form connections, and discuss potential collaborations or insights gained.


Why This Event is Crucial

As Colombia fervently advances in its digital transformation journey, being ahead in adopting and integrating AI within your organizational strategies is not just about staying competitive; it's about being a visionary leader in the digital era.

With exclusive networking opportunities, practical mastery sessions, and post-event consultations, the "2024 AI Strategy Accelerator" is tailored to arm you with actionable strategies, a solid understanding of the digital transformation landscape in Colombia, and a network of like-minded leaders to collaboratively propel your organization into a prosperous future.

Now is the time to act, to equip, and to lead in the digital transformation voyage. Reserve your exclusive seat now and embark on a transformative journey that will set your organization on a trailblazing path towards digital mastery.

This event will be conducted in English.

 Executive Transformation Package

Executive Transformation Package

Embark on a three-day intensive journey that provides a holistic view and practical mastery of AI-driven strategies tailored for visionary leaders. This package not only ensures a comprehensive understanding and actionable insights across Sales, Marketing, and Administration domains but also fosters exclusive networking with peers and experts.

Attend all three focus days and dive deep into the digital transformation voyage.

Engage in high-value networking sessions to build lasting relationships with industry visionaries.

Immediate implementation strategies to propel your organization into the digital frontier.

 VIP Mastery and Networking Package

VIP Mastery and Networking Package

Elevate your experience by opting for the VIP Mastery and Networking Package. This exclusive offer encompasses all the benefits of the Executive Transformation Package, plus an intimate Mastermind Dinner. Engage in insightful discussions, witness live AI demonstrations, and share a fine dining experience with thought leaders in a conducive setting for forging significant connections.

  • All benefits of the Executive Transformation Package.
  • Exclusive access to the Mastermind Dinner with thought leaders and experts.
  • Witness live demonstrations of AI-powered solutions.
  • Engage in insightful, focused discussions to address your organization's unique challenges and opportunities in the digital transformation journey.

AI-Powered Digital Transformation:

Elevating Digital Transformation Leadership Through Innovation

This session is crafted for visionary leaders eager to spearhead digital transformation initiatives within their organizations. As 2024 looms, leveraging AI is not merely an option, but a requisite for staying ahead. This segment offers a deep dive into real-time AI applications, providing a clear roadmap for integrating AI in your digital transformation strategy. Here, innovation isn't just discussed; it's demonstrated, delivering a pragmatic approach to overcoming today's digital challenges.

Day 1 - CEO Focus: Sales and Stakeholder Satisfaction

Harness the power of AI to redefine your sales strategies and elevate stakeholder satisfaction. Day 1 is meticulously curated for visionary CEOs, offering a blend of theoretical insights and hands-on experience. Align your organization with Colombia's digital transformation agenda and compete robustly on a global stage.

Day 2 - CMO Focus: Marketing and Branding Mastery

Delve into AI-powered marketing strategies that resonate with your audience and build a lasting brand legacy. Day 2 focuses on CMOs, providing a roadmap to employ AI in crafting compelling brand narratives and marketing campaigns. Stay ahead in the digital transformation curve and ensure your brand's relevancy in 2024 and beyond.

Day 3 - COO Focus: Administration and Operational Efficiency

Transition your administrative processes into a seamless, AI-driven operation on Day 3, dedicated to COOs. Delve into strategies ensuring optimal efficiency and readiness for the digital era. Equip your operations with the AI tools necessary to drive administrative excellence, aligning with Colombia's digital transformation momentum.

Mastermind Dinner and Demonstration

An intimate gathering of thought leaders in the AI and Digital Transformation sphere. This exclusive Mastermind Dinner provides an arena for in-depth discussions and live AI demonstrations. Delve into the real-world implications of AI adoption and network with industry pioneers.

Andrew (Drew) Quevedo

Andrew (Drew) Quevedo

Mike Bowers is leaps and bounds ahead of anyone in the AI generation arena. I have no doubt that any business fortunate enough to work with Mike Bowers will experience a remarkable transformation in their operations and customer interactions.


 Andy Vaca vCISO, Cyber Security Engineer

Andy Vaca

vCISO, Cyber Security Engineer 

GOLDEN! Totally insightful, need to replay this for my sales managers! Totally worth the money! Thank you


Jeff Guerrero

Jeff Guerrero

Marketing and Member Services Manager

His presentation style was both professional and warm, creating an engaging and personalized experience for everyone in the room. He is not only a knowledgeable expert in the field but also an excellent communicator who can inspire and educate others effectively. I highly recommend Mike to anyone seeking guidance and insights on AI and ChatGPT.


GreenFruit Avocados

Donald Carter, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Michael's listening to my gripes and coming back to me with actionable solutions has been incredible and quite frankly a time saver! Having Michael as our AI Advisor has done more than I can share.