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Michael Bowers

President, Heed AI Solutions

Meet Michael Bowers, President of Heed AI Solutions. With over 30 years of professional experience and knowledge working with organizations both small and large, local and nationwide, Michael has a deep understanding of the importance of utilizing technology to drive business efficiency and success.

With a background in IT and Cybersecurity, Michael has a unique perspective on the role of AI in risk management, business process improvement, and fortifying areas of inefficiency. But his passion for helping others goes beyond just the technology. As a Toastmaster and someone who is passionate about teaching and helping others, Michael believes that by empowering others with the knowledge and tools to succeed, the world becomes a better place.

When Michael saw the recent advancements in AI technology, he immediately recognized its potential impact on businesses and set out to create a business that would help others take advantage of this exciting new field. With so much information coming out about AI, it can be overwhelming for organizations to interpret and make use of. Michael's goal is to serve as a conduit, providing a clear and concise path for his clients to understand and utilize AI in their businesses.