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Improving Accounts Receivable with AI for Effective Collections and Employee Retention

Client: Avocado Grower, Importer, and Distributor


The accounting department of the client faced significant challenges in collecting outstanding payments from certain clients. The specific issues included:

  1. Lack of Policies and Procedures: There were no established policies or procedures for handling collections, leaving it up to individual employees to manage.
  2. Employee Turnover: The stress of asking for money led to high turnover in the accounting department, with two employees quitting.
  3. Inadequate Collections Skills: Employees were not trained in collections, making it difficult for them to handle the process efficiently and write effective collection communications.
  4. Financial Impact: The lack of effective collections was costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in unpaid invoices.

Proposed Solution

To address these challenges, Heed AI Consulting proposed a comprehensive approach involving AI training, policy development, and the strategic use of ChatGPT.

AI Training and Mentorship

  1. Strategic Collections Assistance with ChatGPT: Trained the accounting staff on how to engage with ChatGPT for developing the right messaging and approach for each individual collections scenario, considering factors such as geography, types of companies, and the nature of relationships with clients.
  2. Policy and Procedure Development: Assisted in developing clear policies and procedures for collections, including consequences for non-payment and steps to limit shipments to delinquent accounts.


  1. One-on-One Training: Personalized training sessions with the accounting staff to ensure they could effectively use ChatGPT for strategic collections approaches.
  2. Individualized Messaging: Training staff to use ChatGPT to craft individualized messages tailored to specific clients and situations, taking into account all relevant factors to maximize the chances of successful collections.
  3. Automation Tools: Implemented automation tools to streamline the collections process and ensure timely follow-up on overdue accounts.

Investment and ROI

The total investment for the training and solutions provided by Heed AI Consulting was $20,000. The return on this investment has been substantial, positively impacting multiple areas, both for the company and the individuals involved.


The implementation of ChatGPT and the development of clear policies and procedures led to significant improvements in the collections process:

  1. Increased Collections: The company successfully recovered almost a half million dollars in outstanding payments, bringing all delinquent accounts current within a year.
  2. Employee Retention: The stress of collections was significantly reduced, resulting in no further turnover in the accounting department.
  3. Improved Efficiency: The use of ChatGPT and automation tools streamlined the collections process, making it easier and faster for employees to manage.
  4. Establishment of Policies: The new policies and procedures provided a clear framework for managing collections, reducing ambiguity and improving consistency in how delinquent accounts were handled.

Specific Applications

  1. Strategic Individualized Approaches:

    • With our guidance, the accounting staff used ChatGPT to develop individualized strategies for each client. This included understanding the client's specific situation, relationship history, and geographic and business context.
    • ChatGPT helped create customized messages that were more likely to resonate with each client, improving the effectiveness of collections efforts.
  2. Policy Development:

    • Developed clear policies outlining the steps to be taken when an account becomes delinquent, including limiting shipments and imposing penalties.
    • Provided guidelines for consistent enforcement of these policies, ensuring all customers were treated fairly and consistently.
  3. Automation of Collections Process:

    • Implemented automation tools to track overdue accounts, send reminders, and follow up on unpaid invoices.
    • Automated reporting to provide the CFO and accounting team with real-time insights into the status of collections.


By empowering the accounting department with AI tools like ChatGPT, through our comprehensive training and ongoing support, we significantly improved the company’s collections process. The financial recovery, improved employee retention, and enhanced efficiency demonstrate the value of our comprehensive approach. This case study highlights how Heed AI Consulting can address specific business challenges with tailored AI solutions and expert training, leading to substantial improvements in both operational performance and employee satisfaction.

Summary and Call to Action

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