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The AI Advantage: How Capturing Senior Knowledge Maintains Competitive Edge


Leading Avocado Grower, Importer, and Distributor


Our client, a premier avocado grower, importer, and distributor, faced a significant challenge with the impending retirement of a senior employee responsible for setting competitive prices. This expertise was critical for maintaining profitability and competitive edge. To ensure business continuity, we embarked on a mission to capture and transfer this invaluable knowledge using advanced AI solutions.

The Challenge at Hand:

Expertise Capture: The senior employee had developed complex pricing strategies over years of experience, which were not documented.

Knowledge Transfer: There was an urgent need to capture and transfer this expertise before the employee's retirement.

IP Protection: Ensuring the captured data and processes remained secure within the company.

Strategic Solution Implementation:

  1. Unveiling Expertise:

    • Structured Interviews and Workshops: Conducted detailed interviews and workshops with the retiring employee and key stakeholders to document methods, data points, and reasoning behind pricing strategies.
    • Job Shadowing: Implemented job shadowing to observe and document the employee’s daily tasks and decision-making processes.
    • Collaborative Documentation: Utilized collaborative tools for real-time documentation, allowing the employee to record processes with colleague input.
    • Expert Systems: Developed an expert system to codify the employee’s decision-making rules and heuristics.
  2. Analyzing and Integrating AI:

    • Data Analysis: Analyzed historical pricing decisions and data sources such as industry reports, market trends, and competitor analysis.
    • Predictive Analytics: Implemented predictive analytics to identify patterns and trends, enhancing the custom GPT’s decision-making capabilities.
  3. Custom GPT Development:

    • Internal GPT Creation: Developed a custom GPT using the captured data and documented processes to replicate the retiring employee’s decision-making process.
    • Continuous Learning: Designed the GPT to continuously learn and improve from new data and feedback.
  4. Ensuring Data Security:

    • Secure Development Environment: Ensured the GPT was developed within a secure environment with strict controls to prevent data breaches.
    • Data Encryption: Applied encryption protocols to protect sensitive data and processes.
  5. Seamless Implementation and Training:

    • Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration: Integrated the GPT with the company's Microsoft accounts using SSO for secure access.
    • Employee Training: Provided comprehensive training sessions, including hands-on workshops, to ensure employees could effectively use the custom GPT.
    • Support and Feedback Loop: Established a support system for continuous improvement and troubleshooting.

Investment and ROI:

The investment in developing and implementing the custom GPT was $30,000. The ROI has been substantial, preserving the company’s competitive pricing strategy and ensuring a seamless transition.

Transformative Results:

  • Seamless Knowledge Transfer: Successfully captured and transferred the retiring employee’s expertise, ensuring continuity in pricing strategies.
  • Improved Efficiency: Streamlined the price-setting process, reducing reliance on individual expertise.
  • IP Protection: Implemented strong security measures to protect the company’s intellectual property.
  • Employee Empowerment: Trained employees to replicate the retiring employee’s decision-making process, maintaining the company’s competitive edge.

Ensuring Ongoing Success:

By capturing the expertise of a retiring senior employee and developing a custom internal GPT, we ensured the company could maintain its competitive pricing strategy and profitability. This case study highlights how Heed AI Consulting can address critical business challenges with tailored AI solutions, preserving valuable knowledge and enabling seamless transitions.

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